Bitwala is happy to announce the launch of our new, beautifully designed website. The new Bitwala site is updated with the latest information about our products and services. Moreover, our new website provides a clear message of our role as the global leader in blockchain banking.

The new website comes with a clean design, streamlined navigation, and improved menu functionality. As a result, you will be directed to the most relevant information on the products and services that we offer.

Finding your way around

You can also easily find a range of new content on our site, including our reorganized company blog, clear and transparent fee structure, redesigned help center along with product-specific FAQs to provide you with all the information you need. Moreover, we’ve also whipped up a press section dedicated to our media friends where our press kit can be found.

Going forward…

In addition, we will continue to share with you regular updates on our products, services, fees and further guides such as how-to videos to walk you through our products and features and help you.

Tell us your thoughts

As with any major update, we are excited to hear your thoughts! If you see something we need to address or have any ideas or suggestions to our new site, feel free to reach out to our support team!


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